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Cowboy Dinner Bell



Cast Iron Wood Stove, Wood Cook Stove

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Heat an entire house and cook dinner at the same time! Keeps your energy bill down during chilly winter months - all you need is a sharp axe and a good supply of wood to keep this heater running. Black cast iron stove looks great with any decor. Some assembly required. Two 6" diameter burners. Connects to a 6" minimum diameter chimney flue.
Energy source: wood
Air flow: radiant
Shipping weight: 132 lbs.
ITEM# 2BX26E - Costs Only $249.95 plus S&H.
Now Only $199.90 +S&H 
SHIPS UPS or FedEx GROUND ONLY!! Please Do not choose the FedEx Home Delivery Option.


For Information or to Order Call Toll Free 1-877-365-3880

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2 Burner Cast Iron  Stove

2 Burner Propane Stove

Single Burner Stove

Cast Iron Wood Cook/Heat Stove

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Panel Wagon

24x48 Cart with metal racks

24x48 Farm & Garden Wagon

24x48 Farm & Garden Wagon w/13" Tires

Farm & Home Garden Cart

13.5 cu ft Lawn &
Garden Cart
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Big Tire Wagon

Chore Wagons Made to Work

Flat Bed Cart
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Steel Mesh Flatbed 
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20x38" Bed Wagon
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Garden Cart
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Plastic Bed Wagon
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Double Deck Cart

Flatbed Lawn & Garden Cart 

13.5 cu ft Lawn & Garden Cart as a Flatbed

Dump Carts
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Broadcast  Spreaders
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Flat Bed Wagon
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Durable Expanded Metal 2-Wheel Cart

Metal Bed Lawn & Nursery Cart

Metal Bed Lawn & Nursery Cart with metal racks

Metal Bed Lawn & Nursery Cart with Slatted Racks

13.5 cu ft Lawn, Garden & Nursery Caster cart
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Metal 5 Gallon
Gas Cans

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Water Storage

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