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S CLASS PRAMAC  Commercial Generators 5000 watts to 12,000 watts


The S generator class is designed with the professional in mind. The S class has all of the features needed and expected to meet the needs of the most demanding job site applications. The S class features only premium engines such as the Honda GX series . The S class alternators are heavy duty, brushless designs with Total Harmonic Distortion - less than 6%. Each S class generator is equipped with electric start (where available), frame mounted control panels, long run fuel tanks, and super heavy duty, yet compact, frames. Standard on most S class generators is a lifting eye, idle-control and a voltage selector switch. These S class Deluxe generator are available in 5000 watt, 7250 watt, 9500 watt and 12000 watt models. Order online now.

S 5000 STORM W/SUBARU ENG. W/WHEEL KIT # PD402MN1002 $1124.00 + S&H  S5000 DLX W/ SUBARU ENG. 5000 WATT #PD402MN1001 $999.00 +S&H 
S5000 DLX W/HONDA ENG. 5000 WATT # PD452MH1004 $1399.00 + S&H S7500 DLX 7250 WATT W/HONDA ENG. # PD722MHB002 $1855.00 +S&H
S10000 DLX 9500 WATT W/HONDA ENG. #PD952MHB001 $2599.00 + S&H S12000 DLX 12000 WATT W/HONDA #PD113MHB001 $3149.00 + S&H


#GU0041 Generator Cover -L  $44.00 + S&H 

#GU0040 Generator Cover -XL $54.00 + S&H



For Information or to Order Call Toll Free 1-877-365-3880

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