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Jakes Wire Tighteners


New - Quick - Inexpensive - Simple to Use

Repairing fences can be time consuming and expensive.
Not anymore!!
Fix your loose fence wire quickly and inexpensively without cutting wire.

In less than one minute
you can tighten your fence wire
with this simple wire tightening clip.
Jake's Wire Tighteners work together with a turning tool
to give leverage when applied to your fence.

Broken Wire?
Just splice in a small new piece of wire and insert a clip. It's a snap! Try this patented device today?
It will change the way you repair your fences forever

Click Here to View a demonstration of using the Tighteners

For a limited time only get a starter kit ( 20 clips and a crank tool for just $23.95 + S&H  #Jake Kit1 

Item # Jake11573 Tightener  Crank tool for using the tightners.
$11.95 + S&H 

Wire Tightener clip Item # Jake 11572 Can be purchased in bags of 20 or box of 300 

Item # Jake11572x20 Bag of 20 of Jakes Wire Tighteners Clips  $13.95 + S&H  
Item # Jake11572x300  - 15 Bags of Jakes Wire Tighteners Clips ( 300 total clips )  Only  $189.95  + S&H  





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