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Plastic Storage Pails

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Plastic Pails ,made of FDA and HPB approved High Density Polyethylene, have been trusted by the food industry for years.

We now package them in affordable quantities and 3 different sizes to help the homeowner in storing food stuffs and other items for future needs as well as disasters.

3.5 Gallon White Food Grade Pail

5 Gallon White Food Grade Pail

6 Gallon White Food Grade Pail


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Pail Size Pails/Case Buy Online Now  Price 
(for lg. orders call)
3.5 Gallon/White Pails 16 per case 16/case
only $4.65 ea.
5-Gallon/White Pails 14 per Case 14/case
only $5.95 ea.

6-Gallon/White Pails 9 per Case
only $7.85 ea.

The Lids below fit any of the above pails

CP-PL110T - Plain white lid with black  gasket. Price $2.30 ea.+ S&H.
CP-PL150W - Plain white lid w/ poured gasket. Price $2.17 ea.+ S&H.
 new5.gif (131 bytes)Plastic Bucket Opener .
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# CP-MO15 - $4.25 ea. +S&H
gambtn.JPG (5373 bytes)The GAMMA SEAL™  LID
The Gamma Seal™ lid transforms your pail/bucket to an airtight & leak proof heavy-duty storage container.

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